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How Sophisticated is Your Value Proposition?

Posted on Nov 19, 2014 9:00:00 AM by David Svigel


Does your value proposition articulate how your offering will affect a customer’s real business challenges? Or is it a jumble of features and benefits?

The sophistication of a value proposition ranges from being stuck on feature selling to one that’s fully developed and helps you win business. To find out if you’re at square one or actually doing pretty well, think about your value proposition in terms of the reference points on the continuum below. 

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It Ain’t Over Until You Deliver and Measure Value

Posted on Nov 11, 2014 9:00:00 AM by Darrin Fleming

A signed contract signals the start of the final step in the Value Lifecycle: Deliver and Measure Value. This is a step that will not only strengthen your relationship with your customer but will also enhance your capacity to develop new offerings and improve existing ones. Here’s how it works. 

Deliver and Measure Value: The Three Objectives

Objective 1: Make sure the customer is actually getting the value you promised.

What does it mean to actually deliver value? For example, let’s say you buy a gym membership to try to lose weight. If you never actually go to the gym and work out, you won’t get the value you were promised when you purchased the membership.  As the gym, you need to ensure that your members show up and actually use the facilities or else they won’t receive value (and won’t retain their membership). 

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Why Marketing Should Be Held Accountable for a Quota

Posted on Nov 4, 2014 9:00:00 AM by Darrin Fleming

Ask the VP of Sales and the VP of Marketing at any company how well their teams get along and you’ll likely find some level of friction. Salespeople complain that marketing doesn’t provide enough leads, and that leads are not “sales ready.” Marketing complains that salespeople fail to follow up on leads properly and bungle their own opportunities.

The complaints have been around for some time and there’s a bit of truth on each side. One thing is clear: if companies want to maximize revenue potential, they need to make sure sales and marketing are putting forth a coordinated effort. Here are five solutions to get your sales and marketing teams on the same page.

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Never Lead with a Sales Demo

Posted on Oct 28, 2014 9:00:00 AM by Darrin Fleming


Recently we wrote a blog post, “When Demos Sabotage the Sale,” about the dangers of showing a demo too early in the sales cycle. At least one reader reached out to us to ask a logical question -- if you’re not going to lead with the demo, what should you lead with?

In our view, the answer has something to do with that old quote, “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.” The best opportunities can be found when initial conversations are centered around the prospect’s business problem. Both the salesperson and the prospect need to understand that business problem before they can enter into a mutually beneficial relationship.

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Why is ROI Important to Marketing?

Posted on Oct 21, 2014 5:00:00 AM by Darrin Fleming

Do you know the difference between “ROI” (return on investment) and “ROMI” (return on marketing investment)?

Occasionally we’ve noticed that some of our discussions about ROI have led to some confusion among our readers. I suspect this is because when people hear “ROI” and “marketing” they primarily think of “return on marketing investment” (ROMI).

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How to Establish the Optimal Price for Your B2B Offering

Posted on Oct 15, 2014 5:00:08 AM by Darrin Fleming

Recently we wrote a blog post, “Don’t Make This Mistake When Value Pricing,” about the mistake of using a value calculator to set price. Interestingly, the ideas in this post sparked a spirited discussion in one LinkedIn group about all kinds of issues related to pricing. One of those issues was how exactly pricing should be set (another issue was who should set price, sales or marketing, which we will address in another post).

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What Einstein Exposed About B2B Marketing and Sales

Posted on Oct 7, 2014 5:00:00 AM by David Svigel

"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." -- Albert Einstein

As I ponder that quote, I wonder how many marketing messages and sales conversations lack simple explanation. I bet it’s more than I can guess (and right now I’m guessing a number ending in lots of zeroes). And without that simple explanation, prospects quickly become disinterested.

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What is the Value of Your Reputation in B2B?

Posted on Sep 30, 2014 5:00:00 AM by Darrin Fleming

Years ago, people used to say that, “No one ever got fired for buying IBM.” Because IBM had such a strong brand and reputation, it was considered a no-brainer to purchase their offerings -- if you were the purchasing manager, an IBM product would always make you look good to your colleagues and managers. Whether or not that was actually true, the belief existed that IBM was the best. Therefore, IBM enjoyed great sales and strong customer loyalty.

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How to Stop the Price Discounting Spiral

Posted on Sep 23, 2014 5:00:00 AM by Darrin Fleming

One of the oldest tugs of war between salespeople and customers is price objections. A moderate level of back-and-forth on price is to be expected. But in some companies, a rampant culture of price discounting takes hold and starts to create other, bigger challenges.

Let’s first look at some examples of common circumstances that often lead to price discounting.

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Don’t Make this Mistake When Value Pricing

Posted on Sep 16, 2014 5:00:00 AM by Darrin Fleming

“Can I use a value calculator to set my price for my customer?”

I hear this question a little bit less frequently than I used to. But at times people still come to me and say, “I want a value calculator so I can figure out how much to charge the customer.” I then ask, “Why?” and they say, “Well, because we are implementing a value pricing strategy and we want to know how much value the customer receives so that we can charge as close to that value as we can.” Because I know this isn’t going to end well for them, and despite the fact that I am in the business of selling value calculators and ROI tools, we never do these deals.

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